12 Important Places Where To Put Baby Gates For Safety

Obviously, most of us well-known about the baby gate. But sometimes a common question arises…. Where to put baby gates? Yes, this depends on your home size & structure.

Basically, Baby safety gate is now considering as an essential item for them having a toddler. With using a gate yon make limiting some specific area for them. Otherwise, Baby always tries to access all areas by nature. And this is a really hard task to monitoring him at all times. If going to monitoring at all times, your routine work will be in trouble. On the other side, if you not monitor properly & not use a gate, an accident can occur at any time.

So, by using child safety gates, a baby will find a safe area for playing. And you will perform all tasks freely. Here, we mostly found 12 Places Where we need to put baby gates.

Where To Put Baby Gates


Where to Put Baby Gates ?

Baby always searching all around him. The light that enters into the room through windows naturally climbs them. If the window is not well protected or doesn’t have a window guard like a grill than a danger will come. By using a gate, you can solve the problem easily.

The fireplace is another danger zone for babies. Sometimes you need to arrange a fireplace for warming yourself & your baby. But with a small unconsciousness, a big danger will come. So be careful about it. You simply avoid this problem by using a gate. And always chose a baby gate made with fireproof material or metal.

The stair is the most considering place for a baby who already started climbing. Because serious injuries sometimes come. And you simply overcome this problem by using a baby gate. One more thinks need to be considered. You can place Baby gate for top of stairs or bottom of stairs or both.

Top of Stairs is the most concerning place for injuries. And obviously, Hardware mounted gate is ideal for its feature. Besides that, Bottom of stairs is also important when need to ensure maximum security. Here you can install a pressure-mounted gate.

Entryways are another concerning place for placing a child gate. The outside of the home is very exciting & appealing to a baby. A gate can prevent getting out of the baby from home without your concern.

The bathroom is another most important place where you need to install a baby gate. Normally in the Bathroom, we store household cleaners, detergents, shampoos, soaps, cosmetics & sometimes medicine. If your baby comes to contact with those materials. It’s will be poisonous and the outcome will be very dangerous.

On the other hand, the bathroom surface becoming wet most of the time. And your baby might be slip & injury will come. So it’s better to install a baby safety gate.

Yes, Kitchen is the most dangerous area for your little one. Because the kitchen always full of helping materials. It’s including knives, forks, spoons, ovens, gas & stoves, appliance cords, slippery floors, glass dishes, cleaning agents, water, and many more. If your baby can turn on the stove burners or getting touch with a knife? What type of danger will come? To avoid this type of unpleasant situation from occurring, a baby gate needs to install properly.

A Hall Way simply can be described as the leading or connecting room of the majority of the bedroom and bathroom. Always the shape & size of Hall Way was not looking good. And all the doors of the room are not possible to close at all times. So your little one sometime gets out of the room in the hallway. And sometimes happening accident. It’s better to use a walk-thru gate that automatically closes after opening.

Porch or Outdoor Living Space is another place where you can install a gate to ensure the safety of your baby. Kids always want to get outside by nature. Sometimes you also need to go outside for refreshing. In that case, a child gate is an ultimate solution. Where kids will be safe & secure and you will spend your time freely.

If you have an office at home, It’s another important place of installing a child gate. Normally, you decorated the office as per need & having desks, computers, file cabinets, staplers, sharp objects, letter openers, bookshelves, and more. Without a door, your baby will come to the office room & might be touching the tools. And sometime the tools may fall on them & accidents occur.

Besides that, Baby always tries to put everything in their mouth. Sometimes they put sharp objects, stapler or electrical cords & serious accident could occur. In that case, a baby gate is essential to protect them as well.

The pool is another important place need to take extra protection. Baby always loves to play with water if they get. Sometimes fatal accidents might be occurring for children if don’t have a barrier around the pool. To avoid the accident, you need to install a baby gate in front of the door leading outside.

The yard is another place for installation a baby gate. Because yard might be used for refreshing, relaxing, playing, or gardening. And most of the time your baby wants to go with you. In that case, you need to place a playard where your baby will play & keep safe. On the other hand, you can spend your time freely as you wish.

The bedroom means not your bedroom. We are telling about your baby’s bedroom. And your baby sleeps or play in their room & try to hear from you. In that case, you can install a safety gate in front of the doorway. As a result, your baby will safe there whereas they will still be seeing you. On the other hand, without placing a gate if you close the door. You also cannot be seeing your baby & an accident might be occurring.

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