When To Remove The Gates Exactly

Yes, Baby Gates keeping apart your baby from injury & fatal accident. But it’s not possible to install the gate around your home for a lifetime. And it has seen that sometime this gate is the reason behind occurring an injury. On the other hand, it’s really an intricate task to open and close the gate each day.

When To Remove The Gates


So the question might be arising from you……. When to remove the gates? To find out the appropriate time for removing a gate, you need to consider some important facts.

Usually, A baby gate is intentionally made for children between 6 months to 24 months of age. Parents are thinking as same for most of the time. Although, this may vary for an individual case. Because, the growth will be different for someone in terms of physical, mental & psychological. So our suggestion is, remove the gate when you are thinking that baby is unsafe inside.

Another sign for removing a child gate. When your baby is enough taller compare with the gate height. At that time, your baby might be trying to passing the barrier. So our suggestion is, its exert time for uninstallation the gate.

An important sign that indicates whether a safety gate needs to uninstall or not. If your baby is well-known about how to pass through it. Probably the gate doesn’t ensure optimum safety & security. Then our recommendation is, it’s better to quiet the baby gate.

Another important sign that specifies whether need to uninstall the gate or not. When a child is climbing over the gate, a serious accident might occur at any time. So, it’s better to remove the gate in this situation that ultimately removes the falling hazard.

If you are using a gate at the top of the stairs or bottom of the stair. Then it’s another sign whether your baby is passing the step of the stair without failing or not. If not fall during stepping.  Our recommendation is, it’s better to when to take baby gates down.

After uninstalling the gate, you need to go at close supervision. Because still now, you want to keep your child to be safe. You should teach his/her, how to go up & down through stairs. Besides that, they need to learn how to walk, how to play without barriers.

You can use the gate differently after the uninstallation. Among them, you can use the gate as a pet barrier if you have. Sometimes you can use its when relative come at home with her baby. And obviously, you can use the gate for your upcoming baby.


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