How To Get Baby To Sleep Longer At Night Without Disturbance

Baby looks so sweet and innocent when they are sleeping. But sleep disturbance is normal for a newborn baby. And obviously, a challenge for a parent to fall asleep. Because their tiny tummies are not well-developed to keep them full for a long time. As a result, they wake every few hours. Although with aging, your baby need to nighttime feedings will be less. But after timing, some baby is not sleeping as well. We are giving 10 tips on how to get baby to sleep longer at night.

How to get baby to sleep longer at night


Tips On How To Get Baby To Sleep Longer At Night


Maintain a bedtime Schedule is really a task job for anyone. So, initially, you can make a small change at the kid’s schedule. If you start with a massive change, it will really difficult to follow. So the least change but strictly try to flow. That’s mean not to go very early in the bed. Always try to keep the bedtime schedule simple and maintainable.

This means to soothe kids, your effort should be less. For example, if your kid’s wake up at the night & cries for you. In that case, you definitely go for calming him but intentionally try to give less time. So he/she get realize that it’s not playing or eating time. Just keep your hand on his/her chest for sometimes to soothe them, then leave. You can use Zen Swaddle and Zen Sack. So kids will feel that you’re still with him.

When the doctor gives you permission to stop night feedings. Then you can start to reduce feeding slowly. Although it’s a fact that most of the time night feedings act as a sleep association. So don’t stop feeding at night completely but slowly. With timing, kids will have habituated.

Environment has a big role behind baby sleeping. It is important to ensure a calming environment. It included favorable temperature, darkness & pillow. White noise will be an additional factor if you can add. Because it can remove the unfavorable noise and ensure to fall asleep.

It will better to avoid eye contact when you want to keep asleep of your kid. Because it can stimulate the baby’s excitement. So try to avoid it’s even when kids awake at night. 

Bright lights at night definitely will make a sleep disturbance for anyone. It’s the same for children as well. They cannot differentiate between day & night. So it’s better to avoid bright light at night. If needed, you can use a night light to find them or changing the diaper.

After a certain age, it will be better to follow the cycle. If your baby eats after wake immediately then he or she will get enough energy to play. After playing, when kids getting tired then you encourage him to sleep again. Although, this cycle will not possible to maintains at all times.

Parents sometimes discourage baby for co-sleeping.  But it may lead to kids sleeping disturbance. Studies have shown that baby sleeps without the parent having a high chance of anxiety. On the other hand, those baby sleep with parents having less chance of anxiety. For Co-Sleeping, you can set a bassinet or co-sleeper beside your baby. When kids will wake at night, you can help his or her to fall asleep again.

It is also important to ensure high-quality diapers. Because babies might be wake up for wet feelings at night. You can choose one having high-quality absorbent capacity. So it will absorb a lot of fluid without leaking.

Sleep patterns will be different for different ages of babies. So try to meet as needed. If the baby having sleep-deprived, then all rhythm will break. Even don’t nap enough during the day & wake up in the early morning.

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