How To Feed A Teething Baby Under Unpleasant Situation

Teething is a normal phenomenon for every child’s development. And generally occur between 4 and 7 months of age. At this time, Children are facing some unpleasant situations. Among them, pain, discomfort, irritability, drooling & cheek flushing are most common. Sometimes it tends toward sleeping and feeding disturbance. At this time, a common question arises on how to feed a teething baby.

Due to Sore gum, the baby sometimes denies taking milk or food into the mouth. At that time, you need to try for soothing the sore gums. And some foods that he/she can intake easily.

It’s very important to care for the teeth after first appear. Generally, the two bottom front teeth will be seen first. Then you can use a soft brush or soft clean cloth for cleaning. Better to avoid toothpaste until 2 years of age. Because they are unable to Spit out it from the mouth.

how to feed a teething baby


Way of helping to your teething baby

This time must be come at every child’s life. So you need to overcome the challenge positively. We can share with you some ideas for overcoming this challenge.


Food is recommended for teething baby

It’s quite difficult to give exert answer regarding which food is better for a teething baby. Sometimes it can vary from baby to baby. After deep consideration, we can recommend some food that’s might be really helpful at this moment.


Cool smooth food like yogurt will be helpful for them. Because cool food can relieve pain & irritability.

You can mash the food for your baby. They can eat mash food smoothly.

During teething, Baby can prefer to take Soft purees. They can Swallow it easily.

It’s better to avoid Fruit Juice brought from the super shop. But you can use homemaking Pure Fruit Juice like Banana, watermelon, etc.

Chewable food sometime will be a helpful option. Because some baby some time can prefer to chew something hard. Pressure will generate during chewing can also relieve the pain.


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