How To Disinfect Toys At Home Properly

Baby always makes us happy. A home is incomplete without the presence of kids. Kids are very interested to play with the toy. Although, toys are non-talking friends of your kids. They have a good relation.

It’s very common, Baby is trying to place the toys on their mouth. And sometimes serious sickness might be occurring. Because Toy is a good place to grow up germs & bacteria with dust. Although, all type of bacteria is not harmful to the baby. Some of them are helpful & some are essential to bust-up the kid’s immune system.

It’s very difficult to keep germ free of your house at all times. When babies put toys into their mouth, germs & bacteria might be starting to transmit into their bodies. And finally, the baby gets sick. So you need to know, how to disinfect toys at home properly to prevent kid’s sickness.


Difference Between Disinfection and Cleaning

The Disinfection and Cleaning process are not the same. We need to understand, the basic difference between Disinfection and Cleaning.


How to disinfect toys

Cleaning is a well-known process. Where a clean cloth, a clean sink, or bucket and soap are used to clean the toys. The soap will be laundry soap, dish soap, or liquid soap. At first, apply the soap on the toy & use a brush to clean. Then wash-out the toy completely to remove the soapy bubbles.


Disinfection is a process where uses a chemical compound with cleaning to kill the germ & bacteria. In the market, a different type of disinfectant is available. Among them, Chlorine Bleach is the most commonly used disinfectant due to its efficacy & reasonable price. You can prepare the disinfectant solution easily. Just add 1 teaspoon (5ml) bleach powder with 2 cups of water (495 ml). Now apply the solution to the toys. If needed you can use a brush to clean. Then wash-out the toy completely.


When need to disinfect children’s toys ?

Yes, this is a common question arise from parents. Actually when need to disinfect? It’s not necessary to disinfectant at every time. Most of the time just clean the baby toy. It is enough. When your baby is sick then you should be needed to disinfectant the toy properly. Even after anyone sick in your home who can be contacted with the toy.


Choose the Right Method

Baby play with a different type of toys. All toys are not made with the same materials. Some toys made by plastic, some made by different fabrics, some made by woods & some with metals. So all toys are not suitable for disinfectants in the same way. The effective methods to disinfectant for different toys are:

Soft Toys means stuffed animals or other cloth toys. Most of the time, soft toys are machine washable. You can run through a washer and dryer. At the time of machine washing, you need to set the water temperature as high as tolerable. If need to clean the spot, you can use liquid soap or dish detergent. You can put the toys into the freezer overnight to remove dust mites.

Two types of plastic toys are available. Some toys including batteries & some are without batteries. In the case of toys without battery, you can run through the dishwasher. If having doubts about dishwashing, you can simply wash with soap and water. Then put them into bleach mixing water for at least 5 minutes. After that rinse with clean water and go for drying.

Metal or wood toys surface routinely wipe down with soap and water. Then clean the surface with a mixture of bleaching water & go for drying. You can also use disinfectant cleaners and sprays. But be careful about the precautions. Sometimes the manufacturer instructs to rinse the surface with water after using sprays.

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