10 Good Food For Teething Babies That Will Help Mother

Baby teething is an exciting moment for parents. When your baby’s first teeth coming in…. It’s will be a great pleasure for you. At the same time, you might be facing some unavoidable problems. Among them, the baby’s teeth & gum pain, discomfort, and irritability are most common. Some foods are really painful to eat for the baby. So you need a food list that is comforting and nutritious for a child. And quite easy to eat during teething. We are giving you a list of 10 good food for teething babies.


Good Food For Teething Babies


10 Good Food For Teething Babies


Frozen Flavored Yogurt

Frozen Flavored Yogurt is a good option for teething toddlers. At first, you will mix the yogurt with fruit puree for flavor. Then put into an ice tray for making hard. When your baby feeling uncomfortable, then gives it to your baby for eating.



Mango is another good option for teething babies. But before giving to your baby, you need to be sure that mango is ripe enough. You can make a slice of mango. So the baby can hold it easily.


Shredded chicken

Shredded chicken is also helpful for the baby. It will meet the daily protein requirement. You simply cut or torn into shreds & processing it’s for eating.


Scrambled eggs

Scrambled egg is a very good option when all fail to work properly. You simply make it & give it to your child to eat.



Watermelon is a good sweet fruit for a baby having inflamed teeth & gums. At first, remove the seeds & chop them accordingly. Then you can give your baby to eating. You can also fridge it for cooling or meshing it to avoid choking risk. It’s also a good source of water that helps to keep your baby enough hydrated.



When your baby is looking sick then the soup is a good option. You can make potato soup, broccoli soup, pumpkin soup, lentil, and spinach soup. All of that contain enough nutrients.


Soft purees

Puree means a smooth & blend type food having a creamy consistency. Soft puree really helpful for baby during teething. You can make it easily through the blending of food like potatoes, apple, vegetables, etc.



Soft Avocados also be beneficial for teething babies. It’s filled with healthy fats. So you can choose it for your baby during the teething period.


Cold Cucumber And Carrot Sticks

This is also helpful for teething babies on their hot swollen gums. At first, you cut it & put it into the fridge for cooling. When needs, you can give to your baby for eating. As a result, they are feeling good for its coldness.


Cold Apple And Cold Banana

Cold Apple And Cold Banana, both are also helpful for teething toddler. You can slice the frozen apple & gives it to toddler as per need. For frozen banana, you can add chia seeds for added grip.


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