Baby Sleep Problems 6 Months and What A Mistake With Solution

How many hours a baby sleeps as an average? Every parent has this question as very common. Sleeping time for baby varies with the age. Based on the different problem, a baby sleeping problems can arise. Among them, baby sleep problems 6 months are most common.

As per data of WebMD, A 6 month baby sleeping time is 14 – 15 hours per day. If your baby is not sleeping properly, a problem will create on both sides (Baby and Parent sides). Baby health and growth is directly linked to baby sleep. And on the parent side, if they are busy in their daily life then they falling into a big trouble. They cannot sleep properly and cannot work properly.


Baby Sleep Problems 6 Months


Here we discuss common cause of baby sleep problems 6 months



Among all causes of baby sleep problems 6 months, Nutrition is most common. If your baby age is less than 6 month then the probably nutritional requirement fulfill with the milk and some simple solid like fruit, vegetables, and cereals. But from 6 months, you have needed to change the diet plan for fulfilling the requirement. You can add food contains essential fatty acid, iron, and more protein. It is better to add at least 2 tablespoons of protein in each meal (egg, chicken, fish, cream cheese, yogurt, lentils, white sauce or beans. Compare to carbohydrate, protein takes more time to digest. As a result, your child feels full for a longer time and solves the baby sleeping problems due to hungry.


Medical Causes

Among all causes of baby sleep problems 6 months, some medical problems are common. Among them

If your baby having this type of problem then concern with doctor and solve the problem.


Day Sleeping Routine

Day Sleeping time is another important fact. By adjusting the day sleep, you can solve the problem. In this case, Afternoon sleep (After 4.30 pm) can cause not sleeping properly at night. This means, Just shifting day sleep. As a result, he/she has 2 later sleeps, one is 9 am and another is 12 pm.


Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is another cause to create baby sleeping problems. Although, its rise between 8 – 10 months of age. At this age, your baby starts to learn about you are separate. When wake, then he/she feeling anxious because you may not available to him when he/she needs you. Sometime he will call you to check that you are still available. On the other hand, you also feel frustrated because you know that baby has no need to you for this moment but you are awake. This may cause disturbed to your sleep.

Way of overcoming from Separation Anxiety



A developmental change will start between 6 to 12 months age. At this time they start to crawling, sitting, and getting from lying to sitting and finally standing. Sometimes they are practicing it’s at night even in his sleep. If you see, then discourage them from practicing at night by offering a feed or taking him into your bed.


Sleep Crutches

Sleep Crutches is another factor of a baby sleeping. If you can ensuring a healthy sleep crutches then your baby will sleep positively. Among them


Rigid Bedtime Routine:

It will better if you put them on the bed before one hour of sleep time and also include a warm drink, a lullaby, and a story.


Comfort Object:

Always try to make sure that your baby getting comfort object during sleeping. (Taglet, dummy or teddy)


Lull in Drowsy Activity :

It is a good technique for sleeping a baby. You can apply this technique just before putting him on the bed to sleep.


Finally, Baby Sleep Problems 6 Months is a big challenge for early parenthood. You can overcome this problem by concerning the entire factor that we describe in the above. When sleep improves then both of you and your baby will feel great.

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