Best Baby Gate for Bottom of Stairs in 2024

Being a Parent, this is a new pleasure time when your baby starts crawling. At the same time, you need to be conscious about their movement. If having an open stair home, you need to more & more conscious. Because crawling baby tends to upward with stairs. Not only stairs, by nature they want to realize everything around him.  And sometimes unwanted event comes suddenly.

Like others, you need to close the open way of stairs anyhow. The best solution is using a baby gate for stairs. Some parents are closing the only top of the Stairs. But top of stairs baby gate only restricts them to enter into the roof.

On the other hand, across the stairs step falling occurrence will come. To avoid this, you also need to use Baby Gate for Bottom of Stairs. Additionally, you need to know that both the top & bottom of stairs gate are designed regarding where to be used. Sometimes Parents want to install top of stairs baby gate at the bottom of stair. In that case, the baby will not get optimum security proportionally.


Think Before Choosing The Safety Gate

It will be better if some feature is enabled to your selected gate. Among them Auto swing close, Single hand operation and Both way direction are major. The auto swing close feature helps to close the gate immediately after your passing. So don’t worry, if you forget to close the door or when you so busy. Single hand operation helps to open the door with one hand when another hand is engaged. Both way direction allows you to open on two sides as required.

Before final selection, you need to be sure where you go to fit the gate. Measure the open space size carefully. Sometimes the top of stairs space and the bottom of stairs space is not the same.

We think the Pressure mounted baby gate is the best option for bottom of stairs. Because no drilling is required during installation. Only using pressure, you can finish the installation. Another advantage, Gate can be open and closed at a 90-degree angle as per need. You can smoothly open the gate using one hand when another hand is busy. Although, some good quality hardware mounted baby gate will be an alternative choice.

Extension Kit helps you to adjust the gate perfectly if needed. Different gates having different sizes and shapes. Some brand giving the opportunity to buy the extension kit as per requirement. If the bottom stairs opening is large then choose this type of gate. So you can install the gate smoothly without any problem.

Try to choose one baby gate having safety standard certification like JPMA. This certification ensures that individual each gate meet all the safety standard. Besides that, baby gate vertical slats or rods will be between 2 – 3/8 inches. So the child’s head protected to get trapped.


Top 6 Best Baby Gate for Bottom of Stairs

1. Safety 1st Pressure Mount Lift, Lock and Swing Gate

Secure Tech indicator is a good feature of this one. The indicator shows a red and green light. Green light indicates the gate properly locked and Red light for required adjusting pressure. So you will confident in all time.

Enabled one-hand operation. So you can operate the gate using a single hand smoothly when your other hand is not free. You found here a top release handle.

This gate is designed for allowing both directions. You can use the gate as required. When you need to use one direction & When need to use both directions.

Allow both hardware or pressure mount installation. But for bottom of the stairs, pressure mounted installation is good at all. Because, if you need to remove the gate then you can do it easily.


  • Secure Tech indicator helps to realize either the gate is well locked or not
  • Allow One Hand Operation to open & close
  • Having two-directional swing design
  • Permit both hardware or pressure mount installation
  • Comparatively, difficult to operate
  • The minimum opening is 30 inch

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2. Cumbor Auto Close Safety Baby Gate

Double-Locking System made the gate safer & secure. Child fails to open the lock whereas adult hands can open smoothly. Aged of 6-36 months’ baby near to completely unable to unlock the gate.

Auto swing closing system enabled here. But one more thing needs to be clear. You can use the auto-closing system in two ways. When you open the gate less than 90 degrees then auto close system work. If you open more than 90 degrees, the gate will not close automatically and stay open.

This one constructs with steel that made the gate stronger. It’s can tolerate up to 210-pound impact without any problem. Besides that, it’s having a lucrative design.

You can install the gate either hardware or pressure mounting. Although we prefer pressure mounting due to easy installation and removal. But you can install it through hardware. In that case, 10-15 minutes needed to install & defends up to a maximum of 250 pounds.


  • Double-Locking System ensures optimum safety & security
  • Automatically locked when you forget to close
  • Steel Construction made the gate stronger
  • Installation through hardware or pressure mount
  • Not suitable for 35-37.8“wide
  • Not defends over 210 pounds

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3. Munchkin Extending XL Tall and Wide Baby Gate

An especial locking mechanism equipped here. An adult can open the gate effortlessly even using one hand. But it’s quite impossible to open with baby hand.

This safety gate having One or Two-Way Opening with swing feature. You can use both directions opening if needed. Otherwise, you set for one way opening.

This gate constructs with high-quality steel with good finishing. A whitish modern design made the gate perfect for home decor. Besides that, this one is quite higher and wider compared to the standard one. You can cover 33 to 56 inches wider and 36 inches higher.

You can install the gate through hardware mounting. Don’t worry about hardware mounting because having an Integrated tilting hinge mechanism. As a result, comparatively less stress exerted on the wall. And as a Quick release detachable gate, you can easily remove or reinstall the gate.


  • Especial locking mechanism helpful for an adult to the opening but not for baby
  • One or two-way opening feature regarding installation in different opening
  • High-quality steel made the gate stronger
  • Modern design with whitish finishing gate will be a part of home decor
  • Not suitable for less than 33 inches’ wide
  • Not suitable for children over 24 months of age

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4. The Stair Barrier Baby Gate

This gate made with a fabric especially featured with internal plastic struts & heavy-duty webbing. This makes a strong barrier between the stairway. Besides that, comply with ASTM Safety Standards in all aspects for Gates and Enclosures.

Due to made with fabric this one is lighter in weight less than 6 pounds. You can use the gate easily compare to others. When need you attached the gate with banister and when need you removed. As a portable gate, this is ideal.

This safety gate is designed for setup in banister to banister. You just attach on both sides of the banister securely. Two standard sizes are available – Regular & Wide. You can choose as your need. Furthermore, you have an option for custom-built.

You can install the gate in minutes without any tools. You just clip them in exact place then pull for tightening. This fast and easy installation method made the gate an ideal one.


  • Heavy-duty fabric gate act as a strong barrier between the stairway
  • Lightweight makes it portable gate and ease to use
  • Specially designed for setup in banister to banister
  • Easy Installation in minute
  • Requires banister for the specific size
  • Comparatively, price is higher

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5. BabyDan Guard Me Retractable Safety Gate

This gate made with wipe-clean plastic. It’s 100% free from PVC. And manufactured in Denmark by BabyDan’s state of the art factory.

The extension kit is available if you need it. Normally, this gate cover opening space from 21 to 35 inch. But with using Extension Kit, you can cover up to 44 inches.

Normally, you can install the gate through the wall mount. And here is no trip bar. After opening, the gate folds back automatically. When you need to remove it, it can easily. Due to no trip bar, this gate is an ideal one for using at bottom of stairs.

This one already acquired the latest European and American Certification EN1930:2011 & ASTMF1004. And meets all the current safety standards.


  • Made with 100% PVC free wipe clean plastic
  • Extension Kit available for long opening
  • Installation through wall mount
  • Got Certification for meets the all current safety standard
  • Need an extension for more than 36 inches’ wide
  • Not ideal for large spaces

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6. The Stair Barrier Banister to Wall Baby Gate

Retractable fabrics used to make the baby gate. This will be the ultimate solution to ensure safety & security for your little one. Additionally, you can roll on one side when need to open the stairway.

Elegant design made the gate as a favorable one. Internal plastic struts and heavy-duty webbing exert a role to prevent the fabric from being lifted up or pulled down. Two sizes are available – Regular & Wide. If these two sizes are not appropriate for your staircase, then you have the option for custom size.

You can install the baby gate from the wall to banister easily. On the wall side, you need minimal drilling for proper installation. Required installation kit has given with each baby gate.

This gate made in a way that meets almost all the safety standards. Already got the ASTM certification that stands for Safety Standards for Gates and Enclosures.


  • Made with Retractable fabrics
  • Elegant design. Two size- Regular & Wide
  • Easy installation
  • Having safety standard certification
  • Requires minimal wall drilling
  • Comparatively, expensive

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Final Word

We are finding out the best baby gate for bottom of stairs from our parenting view. You can select one from the above list. It’s will definitely meet your requirement & prevent the accident.


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