Baby Bath Procedure Step by Step for Your Baby

Many parents are not fully clear about the Baby Bath Procedure. But it is very important for them to know the actual baby bath procedure. Here, we completely present how to bathe a baby step by step.


Baby Bath Procedure


Step of Baby Bath Procedure

Timing of Bath

You can bathe your bay at any time of the day. Many parents prefer the evening bath. Because they think, It gives more relax and help to sleep them. If your baby enjoys the bathing time fruitfully then it’s better to give them a morning bath. In the morning they are in a happier mode compare to other time of the day.

You always try to avoid giving a big bath for your baby and not more than 5 minutes. A big bath is a major cause for baby getting cold. If you do not prefer to bath on daily basis then you can avoid it or give alternative day. It is recommended that you must be clean them daily with a warm washcloth especially their face, genitals, neck, and buttocks.


Preparation before Bath

Before starting your baby bath, you will need to be prepared means all the materials are in your hands. So you need not to go anywhere for anything to leave your baby.

Needed material for baby’s bath :


Baby Bath Seat

It is recommended to use a bath baby set during the first month. Bath baby set especially design for baby to ensure perfect hold their body and keep their head always above the water. So, you will completely free to wash and can play with them. As a result, they will remain in safe.



Always keep in mind about the amount of filling water. If your baby is newborn to 6 months old and wants to use a bathtub then you fill the tub with a maximum of 8 to12 cm of water. For an older baby, it is safe to use the fill water not higher than their waist.

It is recommended to use the water temperature around the temperature of your baby body. The temperature will be 35° and 38 °C. It will be better to check the temperature before bathing. You can use the elbow or palm of your hand to check the temperature.

You always avoid immersing your baby in the running water because sometime it will be danger

Try to keep the bathroom temperature between 22 and 24 °C during the baby bath.


Hold your baby in a comfortable position

I think you know that Newborn baby is very fragile. So you need to hold them very gently as well as most comfortable. Always need to be aware when you manipulate their head and washing them. It is not a pleasure for baby to get soap or water in their eyes.



You will choose a baby soap that is mild fragrance-free and design for baby from thinking their delicate and fragile skin. It is better to avoid anything that can react with skin like bath oil and bubble baths. Then


Careful during bath

Always alert for every moment during bath and never leave them for a single moment. Because many types of accident can occur for your inattention. So be careful for every moment.


Getting out of the bath

After finishing bath, you will dry them as soon as possible with a soft towel. If you late then it can be a cause of coldness of your baby. You can change the towel after some day interval. So there is not enough chance to grow bacteria.


Finally, your baby gets a complete and secure bath after maintaining all the above baby bath procedure. And as a parent, we always wish for your baby.

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